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Octopus Handmade SpeargunsOctopus Handmade Spearguns

Handmade Spearguns

Our Spearguns

All Octopus Spearguns are made of Burma Teak Burma wood, with wood quality certification.
The constructions of the weapons vary depending on the type, that is, they are three, four, five solders, this of course is determined by the length and size of the weapon. In all soldering of our weapons, two-component glue is used, for maximum welding results.
For the impregnation of the Spearguns we choose teak oil.
At Spearguns Octopus, on all models, we use an enhanced trigger mechanism by Meandros.
All components are specially designed for our weapons, in collaboration with our suppliers.
The focus on ergonomics, balance and finishing details, make our Spearguns unique, not only in their appearance, but also in their performance with both strength and precision.
Handmade speargun - powerful at any depthstrong at any depth


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Milos handmade speargun - chambers and holesfor crevices and holes.


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Roller handmade speargun comfort and conveniencecomfort and convenience


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Oceanic handmade speargun - medium and large depthsmedium and large depths


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ActivitiesUnderwater Speargun Fishing

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