handmade spearguns
Handmade speargun


Fishing with speargun 

Experience dreamy moments at sea, enjoy the magic of the seabed, dive into turquoise waters and secluded coves. Explore hidden sea caves, have fun fishing in the wonderful waters of the Aegean and the Saronic Gulf.
Organize your own underwater adventure with your friends, with the sun and the sea accompanying you on an unforgettable journey.
Especially for spear fishing lovers we organize excursions for underwater fishing in selected locations of the Saronic Gulf or in areas that you will choose.
Steep shores, impressive caves, deep turquoise waters, are waiting for you to explore them and discover the magic that hides their seabed.

The Boat

Length: 7,95m
Cambin: Yes
Engines: 2 Diesel
Fuel: 400lt
Passengers: 10
WC - Shower: Yes

Take part

in our underwater adventures

handmade spearguns

Handmade Spearguns

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