handmade spearguns
handmade speargun for chambers and holes
for crevices and holes.


MilosHandmade Speargun 

The Milos model is available in size with arming length 60cm.
It is a speargun whose size makes it ideal for shots in dens and crevices in rocks and holes. It offers ease of movement in the water, strength and comfort.


Technical specifications:

Width of weapon in full length 6cm.
Width at the front 3.8cm.
Weapon thickness 4cm in front where it ends backwards in 4.8 - 5cm.
Heel 2cm.

Setup suggestions

2 bands x14mm with 7mm or 6.75mm rod.
1 band x16mm with 7mm or 6.75mm rod.

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handmade spearguns

Handmade Spearguns

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