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RollerHandmade Speargun 

The Roller model is available in the following sizes: arming length 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and of course upon special order we can make it in the size of your choice. 
It is a speargun with all the advantages that a roller can have, such as an extremely quick, soundless and accurate shot. 
More over its design and construction assures the ease and comfort into the water.

 Roller80: 440€ 

 Roller90: 470€ 

 Roller100: 500€ 

Technical specifications:

Width of weapon in full length 6cm.
Width at the front point (roller mechanism position) 1.4cm.
Weapon thickness along the entire length 3.6cm.
Heel thickness 2cm.

Setup suggestions

band x14mm with 7mm or 6.75mm rod.
band x16mm with 7mm or 6.75mm rod.

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handmade spearguns

Handmade Spearguns

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